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Career at Singapore Data Group

Career at Singapore Data Group

Singapore Data Group operates locally with an offer adapted to everyone.

Our Company is a melting-pot of different nationalities. We are present in Singapore IT industry and active in more than 400 SME’s market.

We are continuously looking for the right candidate with right attitude towards the work, take responsibility of what they do, take pride in their own position. Integrity and self discipline is our core corporate vision.  

If you are:


Helping you develop the skills you need as part of your studies is a priority for Singapore Data Group.

Whether you attend a business or engineering school or a university, Singapore Data Group offers intern ships and work/study training programmes for your specialism.

Recent graduate

For us, talent isn’t measured in years! By recruiting young talent, Singapore Data Group is putting its trust in the future. Our future growth will depend on the skills you develop during your career with us.

We want to take a chance on you right now!

Experienced professional

Do you have the advantage of possessing expertise and experience?

Singapore Data Group can offer you the career you’ve always dreamed of, in a stimulating, empowering environment.

Join our team if you think you are the one!