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- You don't need to keep purchasing new copier -

Save up to 40% of your cost

- Getting your copier re-financing today -

Re-Financing Steps

Extending the period of usage for another 5 years.

Perform a self-inspection

The physical condition of the copier, any damage, wear and tear, or malfunctioning components before you getting refinance it. 


Maintenance history

Review the copier's maintenance records to determine if it has been regularly serviced and if any major repairs have been performed


Extended Warranty Offer to you

With our extensive experience in the copier industry, we are proud to offer an extended comprehensive service warranty for your peace of mind. Our warranty covers a wide range of services, ensuring that your copier is well taken care of.


Assess self-test performance

Test the copier's functionality by running sample copies and checking for any issues such as poor print quality, paper jams, or error messages


Submit for re-financing approval

We will help you to refinance your copier beyond the usual period, allowing you to continue to use for another 5 years.

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