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What is Copier Leasing



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"Copier leasing offers the advantage of introducing state-of-the-art photocopier machines to your business without depleting your credit line or working capital. Through an equipment financing agreement with our leasing partner and an equipment maintenance contract with us, you gain access to cutting-edge technology without significant upfront expenses. While the leasing company maintains ownership of the equipment, you enjoy the benefits of usage rights without the burden of hefty initial costs."

How it Works?

Our team will walkthrough the steps and provide you a hassle-free experience

1. Choose a suitable Copier for your office

Find the perfect photocopier that matches what you need for printing, copying, scanning, and managing expenses. Our sales team is here to help figure out what works best for you and your budget.

2. Choose a Lease Term and Package

After you've chosen the right equipment for you, we'll assist in figuring out lease options that fit your monthly budget the best.

3. Submitting Finance Documents

We will assist to work best on your finance document to obtain a higher rate of approval. Our successful approval rate is at top among all rivals locally base on our track record. 

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4. Sign Lease Contract and Warranty Contracts

Leasing approved your submission. Contracts are ready for your endorsement 

5. Get ready for Delivery and installation!

We can fit into your schedule for delivery and installation, we can even fulfil the delivery and installation on same day.

6. End of Lease.

Upon 12 months before lease end, you will have a option to renewal early without any early termination fee for guarantee.

- Why people hesitating breaking a Copier Lease in Singapore -

Are you one of them?


Overall, businesses may hesitate to terminate a copier lease due to following concerns, do give yourself a check, are you worrying about the following too?

Financial Implications

Terminating a copier lease prematurely may result in financial penalties or fees, such as early termination charges or remaining lease payments. You may hesitate to terminate the lease if they are concerned about the impact on their budget or cash flow


You may hesitate to terminate a copier lease if they are uncertain about finding a suitable replacement copier or alternative solution to meet their printing needs. Uncertainty about future technological requirements or changes in business operations can also contribute to hesitation

Legal Obligations

Copier lease contracts typically include legal obligations and clauses that outline the terms and conditions for termination. Businesses may hesitate to terminate the lease if they are unsure about their rights and obligations under the contract, or if they are concerned about potential legal consequences


Terminating a copier lease can disrupt business operations, especially if the copier is critical for daily tasks such as printing, scanning, and copying. Businesses may hesitate to terminate the lease if they anticipate disruptions or downtime that could impact productivity and efficiency

Lack of Alternatives

If viable alternatives, such as purchasing a new copier or switching to a different leasing provider, are not readily available, businesses may hesitate to terminate the lease. Concerns about the availability, cost, and suitability of alternative options can contribute to hesitation in terminating the lease

Early Lease Termination Assistance

Steps Guidelines (ELTA)

At our company, we understand that circumstances can change, which is why we offer Early Lease Termination assistance to our valued clients. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition for your business needs

Reviewing Existing Cost

We will review your current lease contract balance and the number of remaining months. Typically,

15 months before the expiry date, there's a higher chance of terminating the lease without incurring additional costs. For instance, if you're paying $150/month x 15 months = $2,250.00 outstanding, which must be fulfilled before the next renewal.

New Contract Proposed

We will propose a new contract term for your company, replacing the old machine with a new one. To terminate the existing contract without penalties or avoid payment overlapping, all necessary documents must be completed

Taking over the lease

We will assist you to settle the current outstanding on your behalf by taking over the lease and terminate for you upon getting a new cost saving contract (machine) with us. The taking/termination process will only take place in 4 weeks upon the delivery process is completed.

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