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"Exploring the right printer for your office? "

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Re-financing existing Copier contract

Keep your copier running smoothly for another 5 years without breaking the bank. Our copier contract refinancing saves you money, gives you better equipment options, and ensures you'll have reliable service. Simplify your purchase needs while staying on budget. Contact us now to find out how


Short-Term Rental 

Short-term copier rental can offer many benefits, including flexibility to adjust to changing business needs, cost savings, access to the latest technology, no long-term commitment, and maintenance and repair services. It's a great option for businesses that have temporary or seasonal printing and copying needs.

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New Office Equipment

Buying a new copier offers businesses long-term cost savings, ownership of the equipment, and access to the latest technology. New copiers also provide greater control over printing and copying capabilities, and may offer better security features. While refurbished copiers offer cost savings, purchasing new copiers may be more appropriate for businesses with higher printing and copying demands, and require equipment that can handle their specific needs.

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Re-Make Copier

When it comes to copiers, refurbishing typically involves repairing and restoring used equipment. On the other hand, remaking takes the process a step further by transforming the copier into essentially a brand new machine. Through remaking, outdated components are replaced or upgraded, resulting in improved performance and functionality. Choose our copier remaking service for a truly refreshed and like-new copier experience tailored to your needs.

Copier financing 

Why lease with us?

Copier refinancing involves restructuring the financing arrangements of an existing copier lease or loan to potentially secure better terms, lower interest rates, or other favourable conditions etc. 

  1. Special Interest Rates:  Refinancing can lead to lower monthly payments for your copier or overall savings.

  2. Improved Terms: Refinancing can allow your businesses to renegotiate terms such as lease duration, monthly payments, or buyout options to better suit their current needs.

  3. Cash Flow Management: Refinancing may help your businesses better manage cash flow by adjusting payment schedules or restructuring current copier outstanding debt.

  4. Upgrade Opportunities: Refinancing can provide an opportunity to upgrade to newer copier technology or models without significantly increasing costs.

  5. Consolidation: If your business has multiple copier leases or loans, refinancing can consolidate them into a single, more manageable arrangement.


We will assist to assess your current financial circumstances, researching available options for you, and negotiating with leasing companies to secure the most advantageous terms for your company.

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