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Copier Lease 

How it Works?

Our team will walkthrough the steps and provide you a hassle-free experience

1. Choose a suitable Copier for your office

Find the perfect photocopier that matches what you need for printing, copying, scanning, and managing expenses. Our sales team is here to help figure out what works best for you and your budget.

2. Choose a Lease Term and Package

After you've chosen the right equipment for you, we'll assist in figuring out lease options that fit your monthly budget the best.

3. Submitting Finance Documents

We will assist to work best on your finance document to obtain a higher rate of approval. Our successful approval rate is at top among all rivals locally base on our track record. 

Copier lease

4. Sign Lease Contract and Warranty Contracts

Leasing approved your submission. Contracts are ready for your endorsement 

5. Get ready for Delivery and installation!

We can fit into your schedule for delivery and installation, we can even fulfil the delivery and installation on same day.

6. End of Lease.

Upon 12 months before lease end, you will have a option to renewal early without any early termination fee for guarantee.

Get Instant Quotation

Fast Respond - Receive quote in ONE Business day



Whatsapp to 

+65 8163 6936 for enquiry.

After Sales Service Agreement

Free On-Site Service

We Service when your copier is giving you issue, we do charge for on-site servicing

Free Toners Supply

We replenish as and when your toner is low and depleted

Free Spare Parts

We replace all replaceable part FOC.

Free Remote

We do not charge for IT remote to solve all printing issue, scanning issue. Saving your hassle of waiting.

Free Maintenance

Periodically maintenance is scheduled to your favourable timing and date. 

Free Diagnose

We free you from diagnosing by yourself of any printing issue.

Don't miss out

Fast Respond - Receive quote in ONE Business day



Whatsapp to 

+65 8163 6936 for enquiry.

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