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Remanufacture at High Quality -  再制造

The term "remanufactured photocopy machine" typically refers to the process of refurbishing and upgrading used photocopiers to restore them to a condition that is close to or meets the performance and quality standards of new machines. This process involves not only cleaning and cosmetic restoration but also Inspection, replacement, and upgrading of internal parts, as well as testing and calibration to ensure optimal performance.

The remanufactured products need to go through standard confirmation, acceptance, document review, on-site evaluation, product inspection, and comprehensive assessment to ensure their quality and performance meet relevant standards. Remanufactured photocopiers are popular in Asia's market due to their cost-effectiveness, minimal environmental impact, and reliable quality

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Docu/Apeos 3373/4473/5573


  • 20/25/35/45/55 ppm 

  • Copy / Print / Scan / Fax all included

  • Printing Resolution: 1,200 x 2,400 dpi*5

  • Control Panel: 7" Tilted Colour Touchscreen

  • Wireless LAN Supported*

  • Mobile Print Supported

  • Scan to email/ Scan to Folder / Scan to PC Ready

  • Comes with 5 year on-site service warranty

  • Consumable is provided*

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