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Apeos C3070/2560/2060

FUJIFILM Apeos C3070/C3570/C4570/C5570/C6570/C7070 Multi-function machine Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (option) consisting of 6 speeds from 30 pages per minute to 70 pages per minute depending on needs. It is designed to fit all needs of use, from small businesses like SMEs, because it can be connected via Smartphone, Cloud Storage and other functions. that will provide convenience to users or will increase productivity Reduce maintenance time for medium sized businesses to the ability to connect to external systems that require high security standards for large enterprise-level organizations

Simple layout makes it easy to use

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

The new UI has a black and gray color scheme that enhances the contrast. Allows you to view the screen more easily than before.

One View for Everything

Apeos C3070/2560/2060
  • Evenly distributed icon placement for easy viewing and use.

  • Consistent steps for each function to make it easy to remember.

  • Home screen customization Allows easy access to functions that you use often

  • Pin favorite settings for frequently used tasks or work that must be done repeatedly

  • An easy-to-see warning light system provides warnings. Keep documents or notify when errors occur.

  • Voice notification system The machine will make a soft beeping sound. to inform you of the status

Use your smartphone as "Portable Operation Panel"

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

can be connected to various mobile devices. Seamlessly perform copying, faxing, printing, and scanning*1 with the Print Utility*2 application.

  • Use your mobile device as a UI to control your device, reducing physical contact.

  • Save frequently used settings as "Favorites"

  • Send a fax or email directly to the recipient address stored on your smartphone.

  • Minimize physical contact with the printer for improved hygiene.

    Note: Connect the machine through a wireless environment.
    *1: Email Scan to Folder
    *2: Free download from Google PlayTM or App Store.

Notification light system

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

Notification light system that helps notify users when checking An original document or print job was found to be stuck in the machine/tray.

Work quickly, no need to wait,
start the machine and print quickly. Improve work efficiency better

  • Warms up quickly in 24 seconds.

  • The accelerated bootup mode lets you access the control panel in 6 seconds*1.

  • First printing speed is only 3.3 seconds*2

*1: Depending on the status of the main unit and the configuration of the optional equipment, it may take longer than 6 seconds.
*2: A4 LEF for C7070/C6570 when set to landscape/monochrome mode.

Scan large volumes of documents quickly
A maximum read speed of 270 pages/minute* for copying or scanning enables fast post-processing.

  • Comes with a double feed detection system.

  • Scan documents via DADF all at once Does not damage the original document

  • The document cover will gradually Close with soft touch

  • For the C2-PC Duplex Automatic Document Feeder,
    when scanning 2 sides at once, 200 dpi to a folder.

New system for opening and closing of trays quietly and smoothly

Apeos C3070/2560/2060
  • Just push gently to close the tray.

  • The paper tray will be gently pulled in. Don't make loud noises.

  • Easy to pull out tray without using force

Scan small originals at the same time, such as checks and invoices.

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

Scan small or custom (non-standard size) documents, such as receipts. directly from the automatic duplex document feeder. and the machine will help set it up close. standard size automatically

  • Supports smallest size 49 mm.(width) x 85 mm.(length)*1

  • Load and scan multiple original documents at the same time.

  • The Duplex Automatic Document Feeder lets you scan two sides of a document at once.

  • The OCR*2 feature eliminates the hassle of manual data entry.

*1: Compatible with paper weights 38 - 209 gsm
*2: Accessory

Never miss a fax even if you work remotely.

The Paperless Fax function automatically saves fax documents to folders. This can be forwarded to your PC or sent as an email.

  • Easily forward received faxes to your mobile device via email.

  • Forward received faxes to Working Folder*1

  • Can sort faxes by fax number Date the fax was received and person responsible for the work*2

  • Schedule faxes to arrive at specified times. Day of the week and desired period of time*2

  • For example, you can turn paper documents into electronic transmissions with just one operation*2.

*1: Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation require a separate contract.
*2: Accessories

Share data anywhere, anytime
with Working Folder*

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

You can view documents anywhere. Any time you want

*Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation require a separate contract.

  • Connect to multifunction devices, DocuWorks, and mobile devices. seamlessly

  • Easily print documents stored in Working Folder from the device control panel.

  • Set the file name of scanned documents and automatically store them to Working Folder. An email notification will then be sent to the relevant users.

Print from any multifunction device in the office
Server-less On-Demand Print*

  • Work quickly When the machine you want to use is not available You can print instantly from another multifunction device without waiting.

  • Can connect up to 100 devices.

  • Set job settings can be edited from the device to save time (1-sided to 2-sided, black-and-white printing).

* Accessories

Responds to general office use
Supports wireless LAN environment*1

  • Supports any address in the office where Wi-Fi is available.

  • Up to five multifunction devices with Wi-Fi Direct can be connected simultaneously.

  • Supports direct printing from mobile devices*2

  • Supports Print Utility, AirPrint, and Mopria® Print Service printing.

*1: Optional
*2: When connecting to Wi-Fi Direct

Cloud On-Demand Print*

allows you to register documents from your PC. or mobile device to the cloud server. and easily print jobs from designated multifunction devices

  • Increase security by specifying your username and password.

  • Helps reduce problems with data loss or data theft.

  • No need to install specific drivers.

  • Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation require a separate contract.

Cloud Service Hub* gives you single sign-on for multiple cloud services.

Apeos C3070/2560/2060
  • The location of scanned documents can be specified directly from the multifunction device.

  • Supports document search from various cloud services.

  • Use OCR to search for full text from scanned documents.

*Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation require a separate contract.

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

Protect your important information

Protect data from unauthorized persons

Various options for setting user authentication This allows administrators to choose the right usage model for each environment.

  • Local authentication

  • Authentication by remote server*

  • Authentication by IC Card*

  • Accessing features for designated users

  • Private Charge Print

* Accessories


Additional restrictions can be set for access by certain users (such as visitors or guests).

  • Secondary Ethernet kit*

* Accessories


Protect data

Protect against hacking Forging device/system settings information

  • Encryption for stored data

  • Uses a TPM* 2.0 chip for cryptographic key management.

  • Delete all settings and document data at once

* Trusted Platform Module

Protect data with strong encryption for transmission between devices, servers, etc.

  • Encrypt communication routes with SSL/TLS or IPsec.

  • Encrypted when transferring via SMBv3 and SFTP

  • Encrypt scan/signature files

  • Encrypt email with S/MIME

  • TLS version limited

  • ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) encryption

  • WPA3


Protect from unauthorized access

Protect device settings at different levels by setting change limits for each user group - end users, IT administrators, and service engineers.

  • Restrict access of service agents

  • Lock your account to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Default password change information

  • Displays a warning when a Global IP Address is used.

Prevent installation of programs without permission Supports strong monitoring by logging device data to make it easy to track and find the root cause when issues occur.

  • Check the software signature

  • Restrict remote updates

  • Filter IP Address

  • Detects unauthorized data tampering at startup and automatically recovers in case tampering is detected.

  • Prevent interference while in use

  • Save the edits.

  • Save the system transfer edits.

Prevent errors from use

Prevent data leakage problems due to unintentional errors of users and administrators.

  • Can lock scan destinations

  • Enter the fax recipient again.

  • Annotation

  • Typing hidden text*

  • Digital code embedding and tracking functionality*

* Accessories

Apeos C3070/2560/2060

Device Log Services*

Allows you to calculate and view the usage of multifunction devices via the Web,
helping to control costs and promote cost savings.

  • Calculate usage easily Via web browser

  • Authentication functionality allows you to track usage at the individual user level.

  • Easily see usage totals From tables and charts that separate functions by color code.

  • No server required

  • Cloud services are provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

Easily produce marketing materials - sales materials that are interesting and eye-catching. With a variety of paper sizes and types of materials.

The device can handle a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses such as postcards, envelopes, and long paper,
allowing you to easily produce marketing and sales materials yourself.

  • Supports paper lengths up to 320 x 1200 mm.

  • Supports paper weight of 52 - 300 grams such as certificates and certificates of honor.

  • The Bypass tray accepts postcards and envelopes, along with an optional "envelope tray."

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